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Simon thought about cookies)


The Cure in 1996 | Wild Mood Swings Era

[edited and scanned from “The Cure, A Visual Documentary, 1972-1996”]


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Name: Francesca

Nickname: A lot actually… when I was younger people called me just Francy or Snow White, then Sanchas (which I think is a weird pun made mixing my name and surname), then Paranormal Santinity (because of my surname + the fact that I tend to freak out very easily lol) and now people just call me Fra

Birthday: October 28th

Gender: Girl

Sexuality: before finding Tumblr, I thought straight, but now I’m not quite sure anymore… I only kissed a guy once so I can’t really say :V

Height: 5’6

Current Time Zone: Central European Time (GMT+2)

Time and Date: 12:14, 27th August

Last thing you googled: best music format for iTunes

Most used phrases: Usually a lot of weird noises, or “DOH”! 

Last thing you said to a family member: Mmmm I think “What did he say?” to my mom after she talked to my dad on the telephone

Favorite beverage: MILK MILK MILK! And tea

First word that comes to mind: Yep

Place that makes you happy and why: I have three of them: Fano (Marche) because it was the first time that I saw the sea, Giove (Umbria) because it’s like a second home, always sunny and peaceful and full of sweet memories, and the Dover white cliffs because even if I’ve never visited them they give me an idea of freedom and happiness.

Number of blankets you sleep under: one (or none) in summer, two or three in winter

Last movie watched at the cinema: I think I went with a friend of mine to see The Hunger Games.. for what I can remember we initially wanted to see another film but when we got there it was already sold out LOL I don’t go to the cinema very often though, people always want to see movies that I don’t like :V

3 things you can’t live without: iPod, bed, my family

Something you plan on learning: Guitar! Then a more fluent English and maybe Spanish too, I studied it once but now everything is quite numb lol

Piece of advice for your followers: you’re all super talented and full of ideas, don’t live in fear of the world around you like I do, you’re not worthless at all, and if you feel overwhelmed just focus on one thing at time, everything will be fine in the end uVu
(Also, the best way to eat pasta is with a ton of raw tomato sauce, a clove of garlic, oil and fresh basil, trust me! °3°)

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I just had to.



who is he?

A fluffy polar bear of course!



who is he?

A fluffy polar bear of course!

jeisdivision replied to your post “Maybe the fact that in january I still loved what I was…”
it very well could be. all of that is really traumatic stuff. i hope things get better for you. <3
Thank you my dear çVç also all the worst things happened all together in less than four days last february, I still don’t know how I came out of that period but it seems that I haven’t recovered yet… I can’t wait to pass the upcoming exams ad get some rest @-@ 2014 must be cursed or something because everywhere I look I see shit.


But there are long nights when I lay awake
And I think of what I’ve done
Of how I’ve thrown my sweetest dreams away
And what I’ve really become
And however hard I try
I will always feel regret
However hard I try
I will never forget

I will never forget

music videos by the cure (1985-92)

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